Perth - Then and Now

As we come across older photographs of Perth as it once was - we will present them here with a photograph of the same scene as it is now.

The Tay Basin: Note the houses lining the basin. These were torn down in the 1980's. The scaled down battleship is still on the waters, although the owner expects this might be last year.

The following photo is from the Perth Museum Archives {10} showing the original construction of the Tay Basin in 1890.

The Library Building: This building constructed in 1910 had a serious fire in January of 1980. Gordon McMillan purchased the ruins and restored them in 1982 as the Macmillan Building.

The "then" photos of the library and the Tay basin are from post cards kindly loaned by the "Wisemans".

The following photo shows the building under construction in 1982. You can see the demolition of the buildings behind the library as well. Courtesy Perth Museum archives {#70}

The oldest house in Perth. Built in 1816 the building stands today. The photo on the left has a post mark with date July 4, 1907. This oak structure served as officer's quarters, tavern, church, school, meeting place and printing office. White since 1822, the Duke of Richmond suggested it be painted red when he visited in 1816.

McMartin Building: This building at the corner of Gore and Harvey Streets changed over from the St. John's Memorial Hall in the 1970's

St. John's Memorial Hall photo courtesy Perth Museum archives {326}

50 Herriot Street - Built in 1910 from reddish Sandstone in the Edwardian fashion, the house was a present for T.A. Code's wife. A tunnel from Code's Mill carried steam to heat the house. [Then photo - Perth Museum Archive{60}]