The Rideau Canal
The 202 km Rideau Canal was officially opened in the summer of 1832.   2007 marks the 175th Anniversary of the opening of the Rideau Canal, the oldest operating waterway in North America. Many events were planned to celebrate the occasion.
This Parks Canada site provides a good history of the Rideau Canal
The "Friends of the Rideau" provide much useful information about the Rideau waterway.
The Rideau Canal was confirmed as a World Heritage site in 2007 by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) . The Canal joins more than 800 sites on the list of international cultural treasures.
The Tay Canal
In 1834, the Beveridges locks allowed access from the Rideau Canal to the Town of Perth.
The present day locks were built between 1883 and 1887, replacing the earlier set of wooden locks constructed in 1834. Locally the Tay Canal is known as "Haggart's Ditch" after John G. Haggart, local MP, who held the portfolio of Railways and Canals and who poured much government money into upgrading the Tay Canal and constructing the Beveridges locks.
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