Last Duel Park, the site of the last fatal Duel in Upper Canada on June 13, all over the love of a fair maiden.


The Bathhurst Courier was born, and in the 1840's the name was changed to the Perth Courier, the 2cd oldest weekly paper in Canada in continuous publication.


Robert Simpson opened a drug store store on Foster Street,  where is had changed hands many times since opening. In 1908 Fred Girdwood purchased the business and it was in the family until 1985, and is still operated as a drug store.


The commencement of the business of D. Hogg, manufacturer and seller of furniture and a funeral arranger.  In 1906 Mr. Blair joined the business and it has been in the Blair family to the present day, at the same location on Gore Street.


R. Matheson & Co. general merchants, started in business on the corner of Foster & Gore. In 1858 Alex Shaw joined the business and it was in the family hands until the 1980's, and it still operates under the Shaw name.


Robertson Music Hall opened on D'Arcy street, and it was the largest Music hall between Montreal and Toronto. No longer in existence as it is now an apartment building.


The Perth Citizen’s Band was established, and it is the oldest town band in Canada in continuous playing.


The Bank of Montreal opened a branch on Gore Street, and in 1884 moved next door to the building they still occupy.


MacLarens Distillery had VVO Scotch whiskey which had developed quite a reputation and with the advent of prohibition in 1917 they had to close, and the rights to the name were sold to another distiller and it was available for quite a few years.


The Canadian Electric Water Power was formed in Perth to generate electricity and they operated until the 1900's.


The Perth Curling Club was organized and it is the second oldest Curling Club in Canada.


Dr. J. F. Kennedy, Dentist received the second pair of telephones from his friend Alexander Graham Bell, which were connected between his office on Foster street and his residence on D'Arcy street.


The Links O Tay Golf club was formed, and it is reputed to be the oldest club still playing in the same location.


James and Reid opened a business corner of Gore and Herriott and in 1910 moved to the corner of Gore and Foster. In 1921 the name changed to James Bothers and it remained in the family until 1974, and it operated under the name of James Brothers [until 2009 when it became Dragon Moon].


The first town in Canada to have both steam and electric power to pump water for the town system.


  1. R.C. Bush opened a jewellery store on Foster street and it changed hands a couple of times. In 1925 Hal E. Burns purchased the business for a jewellery and music store, and it is still operated by members of the family


Joseph Quattrocchi opened a fruit and produce store on Gore Street which developed into a wholesale business and he helped to introduce bananas to merchants and people in the surrounding area. The Perth store closed in 1970. The wholesale was moved to Smiths Falls in 1950 and is now operating in the hands of the third generation.


The home of Big Ben,  the best show jumping horse in the world.


Home Hardware store opened on Dufferin street. In 2001 it was named the best store in the chain in Canada.


Little Known Facts About Perth (2)

Gus Quattrocchi

All this and more can be found in the book "The Merchants, Professionals and Tradespeople of Perth" available at the Perth Museum and a few other locations in town.

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