Did you know?

  1. 1.Where is the Red House and what is it famous for?                                                                       The Red House is actually the white house located at 55 Craig St. and is the oldest house in Perth, built in 1816 as an inn. It is famous because the Duke of Richmond (Governor-in-Chief of the Canadas) went mad at the dinner table there in August, 1819. He died several days later of a bite from a rabid fox. The Rev. Wm. Bell, Perth’s first minister, preached his first sermon in the Red House.

  2. 2.Where was the Balderson Theatre and how many people could it seat?
    The Balderson Theatre is located at what was the Bi-Way bldg at 18 Gore St. E .and seated 1084 people. (Now a home Furniture Store)  It opened in 1915 and was considered the finest theatre between Toronto and Montreal in its day. Talking pictures were introduced in 1930 and the theatre closed in 1956 due to the rising popularity of television.

  3. 3.Who were the famous brothers who were billed as the Canadian Kings of Repertoire and the most remarkable theatrical family in Canadian history?
    The Marks Brothers, who grew up on a farm on Christie Lake just a few miles from Perth, formed five touring companies and entertained millions across North America from the 1870's to the 1920's. The brothers and their wives returned to Christie Lake each summer to rest and rehearse and often performed in their hometown of Perth.

  4. 4.In 1877 Dr. J. F. Kennedy was a dentist in Perth living on D’Arcy St. What was he known for?
    He had the second telephone in use in Canada, a gift from his friend A.M. Bell the father of the inventor of the telephone Alexander Graham Bell. Dr. Kennedy strung a wire between his home on D’Arcy St. and his office on Foster St. By 1887 there were 19 phones in use in Perth and the switchboard was located in Dr. Kennedy’s office at 11 D’Arcy St.

  5. 5.What two things can we boast as the oldest in Canada?                                                               The oldest continuously operating golf course established in 1892 and the oldest town band, formed in 1884, although the first band concert in Perth was given in 1855. We also have the second oldest weekly newspaper, The Perth Courier, established in 1834.

  6. 6.How big was the Mammoth Cheese which was made in Perth and sent to the Chicago’s World Fair of 1893?
    It was six feet high and 28 feet in circumference and weighed 22,000 pounds. It is still the largest cheese ever made.

  7. 7.Who was Herbert Taylor Reade?
    Born in Perth in 1828 Reade became an assistant surgeon with the 61st Regiment in 1850. In 1857 he was in the siege of Delhi and for his gallantry in battle he was awarded the Victoria Cross [WW2 - Indian Mutiny] being the second Canadian to receive the British Empire’s highest military award. He was appointed surgeon-general of the British Army in 1886 and along with his brother John Reade was appointed in 1895 as honorary surgeon to Queen Victoria.

(See a history of the mammoth cheese.G. M. Trout of the University of Michigan Journal of Dairy Sciences, Vol. 43, No. 12, pp1871-1877.  [PDF file] )

To learn more about Perth’s fascinating history visit the Perth Museum

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Little Known Facts About Perth

Susan McNichol - former curator of the Perth Museum