Perth Genealogy Help

A number of requests for genealogy assistance have shown up. People from around the planet are seeking information about relatives that used to live in Perth and area. If anyone has information about these, it would be greatly appreciated.

For more information on the genealogy of the area, refer to The Lanark County Genealogical Society.

Glen Tay Chaplins (Burton)

I'm a descendant of one of the Glen Tay Chaplins (Burton), who died in 1969 and one of his sons, Arnold, who died in 2002. We are cousins of the Chaplin Dairy family. I am always interested in finding out more about how long the Chaplins have been in Tay and if anyone knows who settled the town of Chaplin, Saskatchewan and if there is a Glen Tay connection to that?

Kenn Chaplin <>
Toronto, ON Canada

Foley - Greetings from Midland Michigan USA

Hi. I am looking for some relatives that came to Perth and or Bathurst between 1832 and 1844 from County Wexford Ireland . They attended St John the Baptist Catholic Church. They were Michael and Margaret Foley and their six children. In 1850 they left for Emmett, St Clair County Michigan. One of their children Thomas Foley and his wife Elizabeth Harper Foley stayed behind in Bathurst. If anyone knows of any relations of this family please contact me. Thank you very much Deanna Steele

Deanna Steele

Midland, MI USA

Stewart Family of Perth

I noted in the Perth Courier [22 Oct 2003 - Private "I"] that the Town of Perth wants to contact the descendents of Perth's historic Stewart family. This is the family who bestowed the Stewart Park and the land for Stewart School to the town. The town's parks and recreation department would like to talk to descendents about Stewart Park. Members of the Stewart family can contact the town at (613) 267-3311.

Descendants of John Donald and Marion Duncan

"I am researching the descendents of John Donald and Marion Duncan, who emigrated to the McDonalds Corners area in 1820. They had a family of 12 and their boy, Matthew Donald, took over the original homestead.

Matthew married Mary Buchan and they are buried in Highland Line Cemetery.

John's other son James, was born around 1834 and died in 1893. He and his wife, Sarah Houston, are buried at Highland Line.

My great-great-grandfather William was the second son of James and Sarah and married Isabella Bartraw in 1896 and eventually settled in Manitoba, where his descendents have resided ever since then.

It is my hope that I may contact the descendents of those mentioned above to help fill in missing information pertaining to my family tree. If anyone could be of assistance to me, I shall be extremely grateful. Please contact me at the address below."

Kelly McDonald

2 - 331 13th St.

Brandon, Manitoba

R7A 4P8

Chief of Police in 1900's?

I was looking for some information on my grandfather and ran across your site. If this is the right Perth, then my grandfather was the Chief Of Police in the early 1900's. His name was Morley DeWitt White. My mother was born upstairs over the fire station if my recall is correct. If I can find out if I am in the right town then I hope to come and visit someday. Canada rocks

Sally Freshwater  -

Henderson, Nv U.S.A.

Garrett Family

Matthew Garrett was murdered in Sharbot Lake [southwest of Perth] on November 17, 1876. He ran a boarding house for the K&P Railway and was murdered by one of four men who were involved in a fight at the boarding house.

If anyone has any information on the Garretts of Sharbot Lake, or where Matthew Garrett and his wife are buried, I would love to hear from you.

I have published a book on the subject - see Murder at Sharbot Lake - Cecil S. Paul

I can be contacted at