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- Perth was the first military settlement in Canada - founded 1816


- Visitors to Perth enjoy Downtown Heritage  Perth, with its unique shops and the friendly shopkeepers and residents


  1. -what might be the future of Perth?

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Perth Town Hall
This site is developed and underwritten by CyberSpace Industtries 2000 Inc. and Mary Colleen Enterprises to tell the story of Perth Ontario, a town founded in 1816 by the British Military as the first military settlement in Canada.  After fighting the Americans in the War of 1812, they felt the need for a permanent military presence in Canada in case the Americans attacked Canada again.

Today the town remains rich in history and stories - these are but a few of them.

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Stewart Park Festival  - July 16-18 
Don’t miss it! 20th Anniversary Edition - and it’s FREE!

Theatre and Music in Perth

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Perth Town Hall