The Round Garden

A Garden for the Blind

This garden was constructed in 1983 as a special garden for the blind. It is located on the grounds at 99 Sunset Blvd. just outside the Perth Town boundaries. To reach the site from Downtown Heritage Perth, take Wilson Street towards Highway #7, turn left at the lights at Sunset Blvd. Travel down until you see a stone sign for the Lanark County Administrative Building on your left, and turn left into the site which is located a ways off the road. The garden is reached via a pathway to your right as you drive up. Parking is available.

The garden is designed for the blind in that it focusses on smell, taste, and sound. A circular stone walkway takes you around the garden. Various raised garden beds are provided to explore. The garden has fountains to add sound, and various seating areas around the perimeter to sit and enjoy the smells and sounds of an outdoor summer garden.

The Round Garden patiently awaits its spring awakening

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