All the Perths on Planet Earth

Perth, Ontario

[86 km SW of Ottawa {Capital of Canada}, 28km W of Montreal, 325 km E of Toronto]

The Town of Perth, Ontario, Canada [pop 6000] is of course not the only Perth on the planet. This page links them all.

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Perth, Scotland

[44 miles (71km) N of Edinburgh, 22 miles (35km) SW of Dundee, 64 miles (103km) NE of Glasgow]

The Perth Scotland City Hall at right [photo by Adam Murray - Perth Scotland]

Known to the Romans as Bertha from the Celtic 'Aber The' meaning mouth of the Tay. The city has been a Royal Burgh since the 13thC and was a Royal residence throughout the middle ages. Perth is often referred to as the Ancient Capital of Scotland on this account until the mid-15th century.

Perth, Scotland retains close ties to its counterpart in Ontario.

Perth Ontario and Perth Scotland were "twinned" in 2000. The Town of Perth Ontario invited a delegation from Perth Scotland to visit Canada to help celebrate the millennium in July of that year and at the same time form a twinning link.

Like Perth Ontario, Perth Scotland has an old golf course, the oldest golf course in Scotland and indeed the world. The North Inch golf course was in use back in the 15th century. Church records show punishments being handed out to members who played golf on the Sabbath rather than go to church (circa 1596). It started life as a six hole course and was steadily increased throughout the years. Today of course it is a full 18 holes. It is not a difficult course, but very enjoyable to play. The course is best described as parkland. The North Inch is one of the two large parks in the city which have been there for hundreds of years. The other - the South Inch - also had a course, but this was closed some 200 years ago. [submitted by Jack Paterson - Totnes in Devon, Sout West England - a very lovely Elizabethan Town, the second oldest bourough in England]

Perth & Kinross already had strong links with Perth, Ontario. Over the last few years the two communities, in particular the Pipe and Drum Bands had formed exchanges and maintained strong friendships.

Adam Murray of Perth in Scotland recently discovered this site and provided the following photos from Perth Scotland.[Thanks Adam!]

Adam Murray of Perth in Scotland recently discovered this site and provided the following photos from Perth Scotland.[Thanks Adam!]

The church in the distance is called St Christophers and is of the protestant faith (Church of Scotland).


Tay Street from the Railroad Bridge

King's Road on an Early Summer Morning

looking down the Perth High Street towards the old high street at the end.

looking down at Perth in the Tay valley from up on Moncrieffe Hill

Dusk above Perth Scotland

You may visit Perth, Scotland online at Perthshire Scotland or Perth and Kinross Council homepage.

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Perth, Western Australia

[12 miles by rail from the sea at Freemantle, 1700 miles WNW of Melbourne]

Perth, the capital city of Western Australia, is home to 1.38 million people and enjoys more hours of sunshine than any other capital city in Australia. Arguably the largest state in the world, Western Australia covers one-third of the Australian continent. Spanning over 2.5 million square kilometres (1 million square miles), Western Australia extends into different climatic zones simultaneously. When it is warm and dry in the north of the State, it is cool and wet in the south - that's how big Western Australia is.

Named after the Scottish city, Perth was announced a city in 1856 by Queen Victoria. To read more on the history of Perth, see "Perth"

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Perth, Tasmania

[Perth is a town in the north-east of Tasmania, Australia. It lies 20 km south of Launceston, on the Midlands Highway]

Perth is on Tasmania, an island state of southeast Australia consisting of the island of Tasmania along with several smaller islands and separated from the mainland by Bass Strait. Abel Tasman explored the island in 1642, naming it Van Diemen's Land. It was renamed in his honor in 1853. Tasmania joined Australia in 1901.

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North Perth, Ontario

[172km W of Toronto, 102km N of London, 54km N of Stratford]

The Town of North Perth, located in the northern reaches of Perth County Ontario, is a strong, vibrant community. Formerly consisting of the townships of Wallace and Elma and the Town of Listowel, the new Town combines the best of small urban and rural environments.

North Perth is home to over 300 local businesses serving an area population of over 30,000 people. The town is a major financial centre with numerous banks, trust companies and financial services, and businesses located here.

At the junction of two major highways, 86 and 23, 30 minutes northwest of Waterloo and 90 minutes from Toronto, Listowel is the local commercial and manufacturing hub for a wide area. See County of Perth

West Perth, Ontario

The Municipality of West Perth is the product of amalgamating the former town of Mitchell and the three former townships of Logan, Hibbert, and Fullarton into four Wards comprising the new municipality.

Perth, New York

Perth, NY was named after Perthshire in Scotland from where most of its first settlers came. The earliest settlement within the present limits of the town and the first white settlement in Fulton County was prior to the American Revolution in the 1750's and 1760's, on the road leading from Tribes Hill to Sacandaga, which is now Sacandaga Road. These early pioneers were Scottish glovemakers and were encouraged to settle here by Sir William Johnson. The area became a hamlet called Philadelphia Bush and it grew into a thriving community. Besides making gloves in their homes which they sold in Johnstown at Robert Adams store, these people became farmers to supply their needs. The community eventually boasted a blacksmith shop, a mercantile store, grist mill and and cider press. It later became known as West Perth and had a post office and school house as well, and the farms became large and prosperous.

Perth, New Brunswick

In 1966 Perth and Andover, two distinct communities, were amalgamated into a single municipality of 1877 people. Forestry used to be the main economic activity.

In the 19th century, the region was settled by loyalist English soldiers who received land in lieu of payment. Perth, located on the east bank of the river, owes its name to a Scottish city. Andover takes its name from a city in England.

One of the particularities of Perth-Andover is the presence of people of Scottish descent who settled here in 1873. Some 100 families, all from Kincardineshire and Aberdeenshire villages in northern Scotland, were granted land.

See Perth Andover for more information. Brief Historical Sketch - by Daniel F. Johnson

Perth - North Dakota

Perth, ND is listed as a town with population 13 195 km SW of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Non the less the US Census lists the town as having 93 residents.

Map of Perth ND