Books About Perth

There are many excellent books about Perth’s past.  These are but a few,


I met the author David Mulholland at the Perth Museum where the local high school history class were screening their documentaries on Perth.

I was intrigued when he told me he had just released this book on the last fatal duel in Canada between Robert Lyon and John Wilson - with Robert Lyon loosing his life in the encounter.

I was even more intrigued when he said that the book was based on a first hand account of the life and times of Perth at the time of the Duel.  A letter written by a blacksmith some 50 years after the event

"The Merchants, Professionals and Tradespeople of Perth"

Author: Gus Quattrocchi

Interesting history of each of the downtown buildings in Perth - a wealth of history and information - available at the Perth Museum and a few other locations in town.


Perth’s Past Through Books


Author:  David Mulholland

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